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New Docureality Project: GREENPEACE

ZONA MIXTA and GREENPEACE have signed an agreement whereby the production company will develop an action documentary series focused on the environment and the need to do everything possible to care for it. Through 6 episodes, the project contemplates monitoring in real time all the actions of GREENPEACE to safeguard the planet. The production company […]

Our CEO, Producer to Watch in MIPTV

Robert Fonollosa, CEO of ZONA MIXTA, has once again been chosen by MIPTV among the 100 audiovisual producers from around the world who stand out for their productions. Also selected in 2020, three years later he appears again in this exclusive list in which 6 other Spanish producers appear, 3 of which are animation. The […]


This new documentary series explains how the Coral Triangle reef has created an ecosystem capable of fighting climate change on the planet. It maintains a vital balance that can only be broken by an external factor: the hand of man. A wonderful production that is a continuation of the award-winning INTO THE BLUE. There are […]

More awards to INTO THE BLUE

The documentary series “INTO THE BLUE: The Wonders of the Coral Triangle” has been awarded, in just a few months, with several awards at different audiovisual festivals around the world. The latter, the “BEST DOCUMENTARY” Award at the LONDON INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL and the “BEST OF FESTIVAL” at the NATURE WITHOUT BORDERS FILM FESTIVAL in […]

NEW PROJECT! : “The Graveyard of Truk Lagoon”

More than 60 shipwrecks sleep in an atoll from the Pacific. They are the ships sank by the US NAVY on the “Operation Hailstone”, the “Pearl Harbor” japanese. It’s shocking to observe this gloomy universe, before it’s disintegrated by the action of the water and the impact of the tides.


INTO THE BLUE: The Wonders of the Coral Triangle is our new 4K documentary series that is imminently released on the international market. There are 8 episodes of 50 ‘in English, recorded in different locations of the coral reefs of that area of Southeast Asia, authentic lung of the oceans and that is in danger […]

CASTLES: Secrets, Mysteries and Legends

This new production for the international market transports us to four European countries (Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal and Spain) to describe the most impressive legends and the darkest mysteries that are hidden behind the walls of some of its spectacular castles, since the Middle Age until the last century.

Our CEO, “Producer to Watch” in MIPTV

This year, the MIPTV has highlighted several audiovisual producers from all over the world as «Producers to Watch», a selection of those professionals whom the organization considers to be followed in their work. Our Managing Director, Robert Fonollosa, is on this list for the creativity of the documentary projects that have been presented and produced […]

New titles for MIPDoc

This year we present several new projects at the MIPDoc and the MIPTV in Cannes in April: WARTEFACTS and CASTLES: Secrets, Mysteries and Legends.


In this new season of 13 episodes, from January to April, “THE LORD OF THE FORESTS” will visit forest areas in Teruel, Navarra, Asturias, Granada, Euskadi, Alicante, Cáceres, Ávila, León and Madrid, guiding the characters invited to through the botanical and forestry secrets, with special emphasis on the recognition of the great variety of existing […]