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On Feb. 17, 1944, the U.S. Navy commenced Operation Hailstone, a 48 hours combined air and ground attack that devastated the Japanese position at Truk Lagoon, an atoll From Micronesia State, in the middle of Pacific Ocean. Over the course of two days, American planes sank more than 60 Japanese ships, destroyed 250 Japanese planes, and killed some 4,500 Japanese personnel.

The U.S. mission was a success, leaving the area as an insignificant military position for the remainder of the war. But, at the same time, the biggest shipwreck graveyard on earth.

Time seems to have stopped there, among the remains of tanks, trucks, planes and the personal belongings of Japanese soldiers. However, in a few years everything will disappear due to corrosion.

This is a shocking journey through a key episode of World War II and the remains that its history has left us almost intact.